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“Refreshing Fujian” "COME TO WHERE FORTUNE SMILES, FUJIAN PROVINCE" Fujian Boutique Tourism The line promotion event was launched in Tokyo
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Guests at a social distance

On the afternoon of May 25th, the promotion activity of "Refreshing Fujian" and "Full Blessings · Full Blessings" of Fujian Province's high-quality tourism routes in the Fujian Culture Year 2021 was launched in Tokyo China Cultural Center. Luo Yuquan director of the Chinese cultural center, China's ambassador to Tokyo, wang wei, director of the travel office, and from Japan asahi global LTD, big apple corporation, the world travel co., LTD, east day sightseeing, cyts Tours to Japan, Japan in the spring and autumn travel, hotel new otani, feng among japan-china friendship association, the association of travel magazine, sightseeing institutions such as Chinese and foreign tourism industry representatives More than 40 people attended the launch ceremony.

Lin Shouqin, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, sent greetings to the guests via video. He said that Fujian has a deep history with Japan, and the berberry culture, which originated in Fuqing, Fujian Province, has a wide influence in Japan and is an important carrier and historical witness of friendly exchanges between China and Japan. He outlined fujian beauty of the landscape, humanity and life, and introduces the current domestic epidemic situation stable overall good, the in the subject line from fujian province ten characteristics carefully selected tea tour, tulou tour, mill lane trip, Hester tour and other four classic tourist routes, are looking forward to the outbreak, we sincerely invite friends to come to Japan open "blessing" tour of fujian.

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Lin Shouqin, Deputy Director of the line speech

Wang wei, director of the Chinese tourism office in Tokyo, said in his speech that the previous activities to promote fujian mainly introduced the food culture and natural scenery of fujian, this exhibition is the first time to promote tourist routes as the theme, which is more in line with the needs of the Japanese travel industry. In their long history, fujian people have developed their own way of life and their local dialect full of interest. At the same time, they have also developed a positive attitude towards life, which makes people all over the world fascinated by the beauty of fujian. I hope old and new friends from Japan will visit Fujian to experience its fascinating history, culture and people.


In a speech on behalf of the travel industry, yataka motomura, chairman of the big apple corporation, said: in the past year, the world's travel industry has encountered unprecedented hardships, and the travel industry in Japan and China has also suffered a great blow. At this difficult time, it is very rare for me to get together with old and new friends from Japan and China to communicate with each other. I can't wait to travel to Fujian after seeing the beautiful photos of "Fresh Fujian". We sincerely hope that Japan and China can successfully host the two Olympic Games in Tokyo and Beijing and win the "epidemic battle" at an early date.

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See the photo exhibition of Fujian Culture and Tourism

Representatives from Fujian Provincial Tourism Overseas Promotion Center and Xiamen Airlines introduced the current domestic visa policy and flight situation to the guests, and sang the song "If you fight hard, you will win" together with the guests from Fujian, which pushed the atmosphere to a high point.

As a cooperation project of China Tourism and Culture Week in 2021 and Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and Chinese Cultural Center in Tokyo, this activity exhibited 35 well-selected pictures of Fujian cultural and tourism products, including World Heritage Scenic Spot, 5A Scenic Spot, 4A Scenic Spot, Intangible Cultural Heritage Project, Folk Culture, Traditional Arts and crafts. It shows Fujian's colorful cultural history and fresh and charming natural scenery. For Japanese tourists know fujian all-round multi-angle, from fujian province ten features selected in the subject line, it made the trip to tea, tulou tour, mill lane trip, Hester tour announcements of the four classic tourist routes, and each line into the fujian natural scenery, cultural customs, historical figures and accommodation, etc, with beautiful music, The presentation of the whole video was magnificent and fresh and interesting, which was praised unanimously by the guests on the scene. They expressed their yearning for Fujian and planned to travel to Fujian, expecting to bring more Japanese tourists to a "blessed trip" after the end of the epidemic.

The exhibition and the live broadcast of the video will continue until June 4, and the promotional video of Fujian Boutiquet Travel Routes will continue to be broadcast on the homepage and social media accounts of China Cultural Center in Tokyo.

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Watch the promotional video of Fujian tourism

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